Panther Ray

Foto Credit: Johannes Jelinek

What you see here is the fleet of cultural rafts at Spree:publik – a collective promoting open water culture for everyone in Berlin. They offer floating art studios, concerts and exhibitions around the topics of climate change and sustainability.

Personally, I am fascinated by the idea of up-cycling, i.e. re-using sorted out materials for new purposes, which I believe is one pillar of fighting climate change, since we need to re-think waste management to save our planet. I was involved in building two of the five rafts you see above: Panther Ray to the left as well as Newria, the second from the right.

I consider myself an experiental learner embedded into a world that is ever changing. The only thing I know is that this change is for certain. As Heraclitus once famously said – PANTA RHEI – you can never step into the same river twice. We do occasionally though, when we float on Panther Ray. And you are welcome to join:

You can learn more about Panther Ray here: