Watch your bubble

Interdisciplinary exhibition and conference on the topic of “Bubbles” in Galerie Nord, Berlin. The event was devoted to the illusory yet tangible phenomenon of identity: The self receives attention in an individualizing society where a digital stage provides new means for expression and profiling. ‘Bubbles’ merged the borders between virtual reality, philosophy, social psychology, neuroscience, and media studies, converging on multiple art disciplines

Watch your bubble

Being Moved: Art, film, narrative and the body-brain

Humans are not satisfied with the prosaic daily relation they entertain with the world. They are constantly relating to and projecting towards the Other, what is missing, what is elsewhere in space and time. Humans re-create the world by imagining it, remembering it, narrating it, representing it, and transfiguring it, by creating fictional worlds. The creation of cultural artifacts such as images and narratives are specific features of the human species. Why do humans create fiction? What are the distinctive features making the human world of fiction special?

Confirmed speakers include:
Andrea Pinotti, Mariagrazia Portera, Lambros Malafouris, Joerg Fingerhut, Vittorio Gallese, Martina Ardizzi, Sarah Garfinkel, Siri Hustvedt, Michele Cometa, Guillemette Bolens, Hannah Wojciehowski, Eugen Wassiliwizky, Patricia Pisters, Murray Smith, Katalin Bálint, Monika Suckfüll, Laura Kaltwasser, and Barry Smith

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“In order to understand the meaning of artistic products, we have to forget them for a time, to turn aside from them and have recourse to the ordinary forces and conditions of experience that we do not usually regard as aesthetic.”

(John Dewey, 1934)