Dr. Laura Kaltwasser is a Psychologist & Neuroscientist

I am currently a Principal Investigator at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain studying emotion, self and social interaction with neuroscientific approaches. As a Neuroscientist and Psychologist I am fascinated by art making us aware of ourselves. While I am still figuring out how to program this website, I invite you to enjoy ’13 ways of Thinking’ by Mert Akbal, an artist fascinated by neuroscience. Browse my bio, media, publications and get in contact with me if you have any questions!

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Experiential Learner & Brain Scientist

What kind of challenges do I encounter in my research practice? And what do I experience as a resource to overcome these difficulties?

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Our project BRAINPALACE applies techniques of affective neuroscience to foster an experience of awe and empathy: Using EEG we developped an installation of multisensory stimulation, merging light, movement and sound in the exhibition laboratory of STATE Studio, which promotes a common emotional sensation in the group experiencing BRAINPALACE.